High-tech Flying Doctor tourist attraction touches down at Dubbo
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High-tech Flying Doctor tourist attraction touches down at Dubbo

High-tech Flying Doctor tourist attraction touches down at Dubbo

News w/c 17 June 2019

There’s a quiet commotion in Dubbo this month as work continues on a top secret aviation installation. Well… not quite top secret.. But it’s just as exciting and it’s soon to be New South Wales’ newest major tourist attraction.

It’s all ‘go go’ as we put the ‘Experience’ into the Royal Flying Doctor Service Visitor Experience, here at our base of operations in Dubbo.

In the coming months, this exciting attraction will throw open its doors for you to come and experience a day in the life of Australia’s legendary Flying Doctor.

You’ll be able to touch, explore and interact with our world - and get ‘hands on’ with some of our state-of-the-art aviation and medical technology.

See and hear first-hand accounts from the outback NSW men and women who we’ve helped over the years.

Get a feel for our mission in the cutting edge ‘Operations Control Centre’, the beating heart of our statewide operations.

Allow Augmented Reality (AR) to bring you up-close with our flight and clinic nurses, dentists and pilots.

You’ll even get to see inside a fully equipped emergency aircraft as part of your Visitor Experience.

At the heart of this high-tech tourist attraction, you’ll relive the stories of ordinary men and women doing extraordinary things out in Australia’s vast outback - under the ‘mantle of safety’ that the Flying Doctor constantly provides.

Every Australian knows our nation’s great outback is a harsh and sometimes unfriendly place to be. The land is often barren and unwelcoming. The wildlife can be just as deadly. And in some parts, you can walk for long hot days and cold dark nights before coming into contact with a town or doctor. And as for mobile phone coverage… you can forget that.

In Australia’s great cities and towns, help is just an ambulance ride or a visit to the local doctor away. We can come to take things like medicine, healthcare and emergency facilities for granted.

But in Australia’s great outback, it’s a different life. Often, medical assistance is a luxury you just don’t have. But our outback and indigenous communities brave these harsh conditions. And from these communities come so many inspiring stories. Stories of bravery, of camaraderie, of overcoming the odds. And more than a few of these stories involve the outback’s much-loved and needed ‘Flying Doctor’.

These are the stories you’ll get to experience first-hand in the new Royal Flying Doctor Service Visitor Experience.

Come and be transported, on a journey into the real-life struggles of the isolated outback life - and the life-changing difference that the Flying Doctor continues to make, day in, day out.

We’ve had the privilege to work for almost 90 years with many of New South Wales’ tough outback Aussies. Now we’re sharing that experience in a unique, high-tech way.

You’ll find our Visitor Experience is a place where people from all over this state, and country and even around the globe - can experience Australia through different eyes. The eyes of the Aussie men and women who carve their lives out of the harsh outback - and through the eyes of our dedicated Flying Doctor who guarantee them this much needed, constant ‘mantle of safety’.

So let’s bring you up to speed on progress as we work to complete building the Visitor Experience this month.

Building on the huge framework and beautiful exterior of the facility is now complete. So we’re starting to bring in the exciting equipment, vehicles, multimedia, augmented reality. All the cutting-edge technologies that’ll give you an experience so real you can feel it. The thrill, the danger, the relief, the appreciation, the spirit of life in Australia’s outback.

We’re in the process of designing the augmented reality experiences right now. While we can’t give away too many details, this interactive feature will bring you face to face with some of the men and women whose lives have been touched by the work of the Flying Doctor.

And of course, this is just one of many features that’ll give you a hands-on experience of life in our 75,000 km squared waiting room - the Aussie outback. But we can’t say too much just yet. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out what else we’re up to out here at the gateway to the outback.

Look out for our upcoming news articles to stay abreast of the progress - and make sure you and your crew are ready to come aboard when we take off.

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