Inspire others - become an Ambassador
Visitor Experience

Inspire others - become an Ambassador

Will you wear the wings of an RFDS Visitor Experience Ambassador?

We are looking for people like you to support us in Dubbo.

The work of the RFDS takes a certain type of person. From our intrepid pilots who land on barely visible airstrips to our tireless doctors and nurses who work all year round in the farthest reaches of the Australian outback. Over almost 90 years of saving Aussie lives, we’ve developed a unique culture. It’s a culture of dedication, serving those in need, no matter where in this vast country they are.

As an RFDS Visitor Experience Ambassador, you’ll be part of that culture - without having to go to the edge of the Outback to join us. We don’t need you to get in planes or save lives directly. But your contribution will be saving lives - indirectly - when you tell our stories, share our culture and help people have a memorable time in our Visitor Experience.

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What is an RDFS Visitor Experience Ambassador?

You’ll be the friendly face and welcoming voice of the RFDS - a smiling host, guide and source of information for visitors in Dubbo.

Of course when you join our Ambassador program, it’s not just about what you can bring. It’s also about what you can take away from your own Flying Doctor experience. So we’ll be looking to help you grow in areas like: 

  • Your ability to work with a variety of people
  • Teamwork
  • Confidence and professionalism
  • Time management

And perhaps most importantly, we want to ensure all our Ambassadors are assisting in areas that they’re best suited to.

Are you a technical person? You might be better suited to helping our visitors work their way around our high-tech experiences.

More of a storyteller? Your work may be connecting with visitors in our interactive story room, expanding on the stories that people experience and answering questions.

Perhaps you’re a natural salesperson - or you may want to develop your skills in that area. You might enjoy helping people select merchandise from our store, to take a piece of their RFDS experience home with them.

Maybe you’re better suited to hospitality and events? You may be welcoming visitors into our Outback Trek Cafe or just making sure that every step of their RFDS Visitor Experience is a memorable one.

Perhaps you’re an outgoing people person - a smiling face to meet and greet visitors as they arrive. Or maybe you’ll wander around the Visitor Experience and make sure our guests are getting all they can from their visit.

Maybe you’re not sure where you best fit in - but you know you’d love to join our culture and be a part of something bigger. Whichever sounds like you, get in touch and we’ll help you work out where you can play your part in Dubbo’s newest destination.

Bear in mind, we’re looking for a certain type of person to wear the renowned wings of the RFDS. As part of your role as Ambassador, we’ll be looking for you to:

  • Familiarise yourself with the RFDS mission, vision and goals
  • Listen for customer feedback and pass it on to the manager
  • Get to know the history of the Flying Doctor service as well as our values and goals
  • Help out the Visitor Experience staff with various activities
  • Promote and support other Dubbo destinations (so local knowledge is preferable)
  • Get to know the layout of the Visitor Experience and its operations
  • Be polite and professional when answering enquiries
  • Maintain a positive professional image of the RFDS at all times
  • Be reliable and punctual and committed to serving others
  • Wear your RFDS Visitor Experience Ambassador uniform with pride

Sound good? Great. Send us your application today by clicking on the button below.

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