Touch, Explore, Interact - as New Dubbo Attraction Roars to Life
Visitor Experience

Touch, Explore, Interact - as New Dubbo Attraction Roars to Life

Adventure begins at Dubbo’s new Visitor Experience

It’s all systems go this month as we opened the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) Visitor Experience. We’re pleased to announce the newest Dubbo attraction is now open and welcoming visitors!

Looking back, all the work in the lead up to the opening have been well worth the effort: We’ve installed one larger element in particular within the Experience. Something that probably captures the spirit of our organisation best of all.

Can you guess what it is?


It’s a thing of beauty. Sleek lines and two seriously powerful propeller engines.

The aeroplanes in our fleet form one vital platform for what we do. That’s why the plane in our Visitor Experience is so much more than just a display piece. Sure, it lets you see inside a fully equipped medical retrieval aircraft. But more, it represents over 90 years of protecting people living in Australia’s farthest reaches.

As enduring as the vast land, we cover the Royal Flying Doctor Service is a trusted and iconic Australian institution. We’ve been saving Aussie lives in rural and remote parts of Australia for over 90 years. To see an RFDS plane in the skies above is to see that ‘Mantle of Safety’ imagined by founder, Reverend John Flynn. So, our planes are a symbol of medical security that outback Australians wouldn’t want to live without.

We can’t tell you what kind of plane it is yet, but we can give you a hint; it’s the most used. Can you guess which one it is?

Getting the plane inside the building was a challenge. We even had to take the wings off - just to fit it inside. Then our team had to manually turn it around in the building and manoeuvre it into place. The installation didn’t always go according to plan. We scraped the wall a few times. But the plane made it there despite the challenges - as our planes always do!

But installing the RFDS plane has only been a part of recent developments.

We’ve also installed the full-sized mobile dental and medical clinic into the main exhibition centre. On top of that, we’ve now installed the split fuselage that replicates the facilities we have on board our emergency aircraft in a way that is accessible to all visitors.

We also brought these features to life. To put the ‘Experience’ into the Visitor Experience, we finalised the Augmented Reality (AR) technology that will transport you into an authentic experience of each feature.

You’ll get to watch through AR as our virtual team members perform their vital roles while you walk through these environments. Touch down into a day in the life of the RFDS as you explore our equipment and engage with virtual team members who can explain to you what we do and how we do it - all through Augmented Reality.

And then when you step back into the real world, a completely different experience of the RFDS awaits you. Step into the live control centre and see the action unfolding for our entire fleet on giant control screens.

For the last month, we been testing the tech that will let you watch our world as it unfolds in real time. You’ll get to experience firsthand just how complex it is to deliver vital health services across our vast outback waiting room.

Aside from our visitors arriving and exploring our interactive world, there’s so much more going on, every day, bringing the Visitor Experience to life.

Beyond the Augmented Reality, the real-life plane installation and the live real time action of the control centre, there’s Dubbo’s most unique new event space for up to 300 guests. And the outstanding Outback Trek Cafe with their range of delicious, healthy meals you can enjoy for breakfast and lunch.

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